What we do

LocationPRO is production company in South
Korea. Since its conception in 1998, LocationPRO
has been pioneering the production service for
film & TV production crews from overseas in Seoul,
South Korea. LocationPRO is the largest and most
comprehensive TV and Film production service
resource in South Korea. LocationPRO is a
production service and crew management company
that is geared with film & TV production
offers cost effective and a complete production
service, location scouting and management service.
We have one goal and that is

"We want your production to succeed".

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Production Services

Producer for whole project
Team up with whole production team INCL director, DOP,
production manager and other related production assistants.
Fixer coordinator service
Manage the budget for the film with the producer.
Negotiate the best deals possible on all orders.
Scouting and managing locations, filming permits.
Solve any production problems.
Casing local actors, pay and there contracts.
Organize transportation, accommodation and catering.
Equipment: lighting, grips, dollies, cranes, generators, etc
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